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Companies may try to push their products in the market without any testing, but sooner or later they realize the value of testing. Sometimes they hire and create an internal testing team while other times they hire external help for testing. Every company, organization and team has to understand what model suits them the best but the one thing that completely determines the quality of testing is the skills of the individual that tests your application.

In addition to being certified by a recognized testing board, the qualities that make up a good tester are as below:

1. An eye for Detail: Whatever product that needs to be tested, the most important skill that will save your product from any minor glitches that could contribute to bad user-experience is an eye for detail. It could be in the form of an error that will not be understood by the user or it could be in the form of a minor functionality on your home page that does not give the needed result. For a quality assurance engineer who is responsible for the quality of the complete product, it is very easy to let such small issues slip but meticulous attention to each and every pixel of an application is what makes a tester a good one.
2. Understands user’s perspective: When a Developer develops a software, they have some specific guidelines in terms of functionality and the development is done from the perspective of technology because that is what Developers are best at. When it comes to making sure that the product is usable by the different kinds of users it targets, the tester understands the expectations of users and reports any issues that won’t match their criteria or anything that would seem confusing to them.
3. Highly developed imagination: It is easier to test an application for the components that are visible and for the acceptance criteria provided by the management. But in most of the scenarios, just this much is not enough. Hence, testers also spend some time performing exploratory testing and testing for scenarios that could be executed in the real world but are not straight forward. Thinking about these scenarios takes a good imaginative mind and makes a great tester.
4. Good at reporting: This is a skill that can be developed easily and requires the testers to be diligent. To avoid any to and fro from developers and avoid any wastage of precious time, testers should add all needed information in the bug reports. Bug Title is another part of the bug reports that need proper focus, Bug Titles need to be precise and convey the exact issue such that if any person from the management reviews the bug, the meaning is conveyed by just going through the title.
5. Ability to learn quickly: A software tester can be a part of different types of software development and testing methodologies and may be required to test a wide variety of applications that are created for different fields. The same QA person may have to do different types of tasks while testing like test case creation, execution and automation. Hence, a successful tester is the one who is always ready to learn about new products and technologies and not feel overwhelmed by them. An innate urge to learn and faith in themselves that they have the ability makes the tester role interesting, challenging and flourishing for a person.

At BespokeQA, we understand what makes a good QA tester great and we aim to inculcate these qualities in our team too, such that the products that we test for you are always delivered as well-tested products.