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Automation is the buzz-word in the market for quite some time now. While there are people that are of the view that test automation is absolutely essential, there are few that can’t think of an alternative to their manual testing efforts and then there are some who are still deciding if automation is for them. But the fact is that any process will prove beneficial only when it is applied at the right time in the right place. So, this article is for anyone who is thinking if they really need to implement test automation for their application.

Let us look at the various points that need to be evaluated before deciding if test automation is indeed for you:
1. Your application is here to stay
This point is of utmost importance, If you have a good amount of user base and you can see yourself testing the app significantly in the future, automation is no-doubt for you. But if you are still starting and your future is yet not clear, better is to test the waters first.
2. You need to update your application frequently
If you plan to keep updating your application frequently, you won’t be able to test all of it manually every single time. This is definitely a scenario where automation will prove helpful.
3. You want to keep manual testing efforts to the minimum
Either you have a small team for QA or a QA team that performs other tasks in addition to testing, then you can save the precious time spent in time by getting the regression test suite automated.
4. A lot of time is spent doing regression testing
If your QA team is spending a significant amount of time doing regression testing and executing the same test cases again and again. Automation will prove to be a more economical and effective solution in the long run.
5. There is a big chunk of your application that rarely changes
If you have an application which has a significant part that does not change much, it will do you good to get the testing of those functionalities automated.
6.An application that is tough to test manually
There are some applications that handle a large number of users and a huge amount of data at any point of time, to get these applications tested manually will require a significant testing efforts but could be easily tested if right automation tools are used.

If you went through the above points and have realized that your application does need test automation, then you are in the right place. BespokeQA is here for all your website and mobile app automation needs.