Main features of manual testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

  • Creation of test cases to cover all possible scenarios
  • Full coverage of all possible workflows while test execution
  • Reporting all bugs found while testing
  • Testing from the perspective of an end user
  • An essential step before automation planning

Our Manual Testing services:

  • Module Testing

    Testing of individual units or modules of the software. A module is the smallest individually testable part of a system

  • Smoke Testing

    Also known as “Build Verification testing”, this is the preliminary testing done to ascertain that the build is ready for further testing

  • Sanity Testing

    Executing a set of high priority test cases before full functional testing can be started

  • Interface Testing

    Testing to verify that two components of the software are interacting properly via the interface between them.

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

ISTQB Certified TestersWith the world-class team at your service, rest assured that your product is in safe hands and you will get the highest level of quality. tempor

Scrupulous work on DocumentationThe test cases are created with meticulous attention to detail. And all the bugs reported have all the necessary information without overdoing it. tempor

Support for a wide range of toolsOur staff is trained to work on multiple tools for test case creation and bug reporting as mentioned on our techstack page(link)

How Manual Testing Works

Manual Testing is necessary just after any feature is ready for testing but below are the generic steps that need to be followed:

  • Test Case Creation

    Before a feature is ready, all possible test cases should be documented to avoid any confusion and enable proper reporting at the time of testing.

  • Test Case Execution

    After a feature is ready for testing, all the documented test cases should be executed simulating the real world conditions when needed.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    To ensure wide acceptance, the ease-of-use and look-and-feel of a product should always be kept in mind while testing.

  • Bug Reporting

    When the test cases are executed, all the bugs that are encountered should be reported with all the required information.


bespokeqa saved my app and my company. After many rounds of testing, everyone else told me the app had no bugs and was ready to launch. I sent the app to QAFreaks Team to do one final testing and they found numerous bugs that everyone else missed. They are super smart and I am so incredibly happy I hired them. If you need the best tester team on Upwork, it is them.

Kathleen Chabus

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