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A perfect app for all parents who want to treasure all their kid’s memories.

MemoryShareApp lets parents save and share memories not just as photographs, but allows to add stories to them in the form of text or voice. These memories are stored forever and can be accessed at any time right from their phone. Memoryshareapp also conducts quizzes and contests in between users from time to time.

The Problem

Saving and Sharing of large amounts of data

MemoryShareapp needed testing on multiple supported android and iOS devices and the biggest challenge was their data was supposed to keep growing forever.

The problem was not only the saving, but the‌ ‌share‌ ‌on‌ ‌different‌ ‌social‌ ‌media‌ ‌platforms‌ ‌was also supported for all kinds of posts that people would want to share.

The Solution

Extensive testing on Devices

This app had a lot of functions that needed testing on a wide variety of devices for Android and iOS. For this, all the test cases were created and the device matrix to be tested was decided

Saving huge amounts of data

Memory Share app aimed to create lots of data that was sure to increase at a rapid rate with time. Testing was planned accordingly to make sure the performance of the application never suffered.

Multiple ways of sharing

One of the main functions was sharing, and memory could be shared in multiple ways. BespokeQA tested all these combinations in detail and with care.

Data security and integrity

A large amount of data was being created, but the challenge was also to ensure that the data was stored properly such that there was no chance of any data loss.

The Result

An easy to use application that worked smoothly in all scenarios

BespokeQA tested the application extensively for performance and load testing and reported high priority bugs in those areas. Post bug fixes, the application became very easy to use even when the photo memory was large or the phone memory was short.

Sharing on all social media platforms worked perfectly

BespokeQA tested all permutations and combinations of memory sharing and ensured that at all times, memory was shared just the way it was created without any lag or deterioration in quality which resulted in smooth sharing experience