Manual Testing

Functional QA


An Australian content creation marketplace with tools for measuring quality empowers both customers and creators with resources that help them achieve better content quality as well as better pricing. With a focus on delivering expertly created content and an equal amount of respect for the creators, Fabulate is working towards a sustainable ecosystem for both the creator and the client.

The Problem

Marketplace with focus on 2 types of users

We were involved in testing since before the product launch and testing the application for both creator and the client in real-time was the challenge we were facing.

Testing was to be coordinated in such a way that both types of users got an equal amount of attention and that the application worked well even when it was at its peak load.

The Solution

Detailed testing of features

For every feature that was built, extensive test plans were created and executed before giving them a go-ahead from the quality assurance team.

Regression Testing after every build

A Regression Test Suite was meticulously created and executed after every major build was deployed. This was to ensure no new bugs were injected in tested features.

Security for data and users

An application that was focused on quality content creation and was supposed to be used by a large number of users needed special attention on security for data and its users.

Optimum Performance in all scenarios

With multiple users using the application at one point of time and new data being created continuously, we focused our testing on performance from all perspectives even during peak load.

The Result

An easy-to-use marketplace offering quality content creation and remuneration

BespokeQA focused on usability and user experience of the application from the very start and the result was an application that was liked by all users post-launch because it delivered the value it promised

An application high on quality and low on bugs

Our involvement with the development team since before the launch gave us ample time to test the application which helped us achieve the target of making it bug-free at the time of launch for all types of users.