Compatibility Testing

Main features of Compatibility Testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

  • Complete understanding of your product and needs
  • Building a testing strategy focused on your product and your customers
  • Complete testing coverage for the configurations that need testing
  • Bug Reporting with all needed information
  • Retesting to weed out any injections

Our Compatibility Testing services:

  • Cross-Browser Testing

    If your product works on browsers, we test all the supported versions for all browsers

  • Hardware Compatibility Testing

    Verifying that the product works on the different configurations of hardware that your product supports

  • Network compatibility Testing

    Testing of your application in different conditions of network bandwidth and latency according to the target customers

  • Devices Compatibility Testing

    Your application is installed and tested on all kinds of devices that you aim to support

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

Experienced Team of TestersWe have a team that is experienced in testing products on multiple hardware and software configurations and knows what to expect.

Testing customized to your needsNot all products are the same and compatibility testing expectations can’t be the same too, we only aim to test exactly according to your product and your needs.

Specialized in backward and forward compatibility testingWe will be testing your product for backward as well as forward compatibility where applicable.

How Compatibility Testing Works

Compatibility Testing aims to ensure your application works without any glitches with all the different kinds of environments you aim to support and below are the generic steps that need to be followed:

  • Defining Test Strategy

    According to your needs and your customers, first, a comprehensive list of environments that need to be tested is prepared

  • Environment Preparation

    Before test execution is started, the environments are prepared

  • Testing on needed Environments

    Test Case execution is conducted on all supported environments in terms of supported software, hardware, browsers, devices, etc.

  • Bug Reporting

    Any bugs that are encountered while testing is reported with all needed information and with assigned priority.


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