Acceptence Testing

Main features of Acceptance Testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

  • Testing Strategy specialized focused on the type of game you are building
  • Testing according to an end-user with ease-of-use in mind
  • Multiplayer testing to simulate real-world scenarios
  • Testing focused on audio quality with load
  • Special focus on testing correct applications of physics in the game if applicable

Our Acceptance Testing services:

  • Black Box Testing

    Testing of the product manually to ascertain all functionalities work as expected

  • Alpha & Beta Testing

    Testing of the product from the end user’s perspective doing the actions that the customer would do

  • Contract Acceptance Testing

    This testing is to ensure that all the functionalities added to the contract prepared before development started are working as expected

  • Compliance Acceptance Testing

    Testing to make sure all required standards are met for eg. security standards or adherence to certain rules in the area

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

Experienced Team of TestersAt BespokeQA, we have a team that holds experience of testing a wide variety of products and handling an array of customers, we guarantee to provide a thorough acceptance testing as per your needs.

Ad-hoc testingAcceptance is not when just the requirements are met but also when the user is not lost while doing something unplanned on the application and we handle that via Ad-hoc testing

Meticulous attention to DetailWe test your product thoroughly to make sure any problems which unit or integration tests missed will be caught during acceptance testing

How the Acceptance Testing Works

Acceptance Testing is used to determine if your product is ready for the customer and below are the generic steps that need to be followed:

  • Requirements Analysis

    All the customer requirements created at the start of product developed are analysed

  • Test Plan Creation

    According to the customer requirements and the product, a test plan is created

  • Test Execution

    The test plan is executed

  • Acceptance Confirmation

    The test execution results are then analysed to determine if the product is ready for customers


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