API Automation Testing

API automation testing is important because any compromise here may lead to serious security issues that have the potential of damaging your product, your clientele and your reputation. BespokeQA understands that and aims to uncover all such issues beforehand.

API Automation Testing Services

BespokeQA has a team of testers well trained in the latest API automation testing technologies and guarantees a thoroughly tested and automated product.

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Test Case Creation

Test Cases are created to ensure that all possible input values and combinations are automated. Edge cases and negative scenarios are also treated with equal importance

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Customized Testing approach

Every project has its own testing needs so before starting the automation we first understand the kind of product you have, and kind of testing it needs.

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Performance Testing

APIs are tested under a simulated stressed environment to make sure any performance issues are caught before launch

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Error Handling

APIs are tested for any unexpected conditions and restricted input values to make sure that any errors are handled gracefully and no security flaws are left unattended.

Testing Coverage

The kinds of testing covered under API Automation Testing are as below:

  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Testing All Flags
  • Testing All Functionalities
  • Call Sequencing
  • Parameter selection and combination
  • Triggered event/interrupt if any
  • Testing in a stressed environment

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

We Support Testing all kinds of APIs

Trained staff to automate testing all types of APIs including REST, SOAP, JSON, XML.

Multiple API Testing tools used

To test against a variety of values for different parameters in an API Call and the correctness of output we use tools like Postman and SOAPUI.

Thorough Testing of the APIs

Test Cases are added to the automated test suite with utmost care making sure that all possible combinations for input values are covered.

Load Testing and Security Testing

All APIs are tested for the times when the website load could go beyond the expected limit and for any security glitches.

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