UI & UX Testing

Main features of UI & UX Testing services as offered by BespokeQA are:

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  • Thorough Testing of all the components of the User Interface
  • Testing for a Positive user experience that retains customers
  • Simulation of real user behaviour before release
  • Testing to make sure all failures are handled gracefully
  • Any suggestions to improve the look and feel is reported

Our UI & UX Testing services:

  • Usability Testing

    Ease-Of-Use of the mobile application from the perspective of the end-user is the main focus here

  • Responsiveness Testing

    The product is tested on multiple resolutions and screen sizes to make sure the UI & UX work well everywhere

  • A/B testing

    It is a way of testing two different designs on a website/app and ascertaining which works better with users.

  • Cross Browser Testing and Cross-Device Testing

    Testing of a website on multiple browsers and an application on multiple devices

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

We use tools like HotJar and MixpanelWe have all the intentions of not letting a user drop just because of a bad UX and HotJar for websites and Mixpanel for mobile apps help us achieve that

No UI component is sparedWe believe in being thorough at all costs and make sure to test all UI components with all possible values to prevent any embarrassing but at the user’s end.

Access to all possible devices and browsersWe use an exhaustive pool of web browsers and mobile devices to catch any compatibility issues with any browser or application.

How UI & UX Testing Works

UI & UX testing aims to make the product use easy and simple for an end user. The steps involved are:

  • Test User Interface Components

    All the components of the user-facing interfaces are tested thoroughly

  • Cross Browser Testing

    This is done to make sure the user interface appears and works well on different resolutions and screen sizes.

  • End User Simulation

    A new user is made to go through the website and their reactions and actions are recorded

  • Suggestions and Bug Reporting

    Any Bugs or Suggestions related to UI & UX of the website are reported.


BeSpokeQA is very hard working and experienced in finding and reporting bugs. They reported all the issues our software had and also delivered it on time. We will hire again for our other applications. Thank you

Uri Simhony

CEO (KeeperForms)

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