Industry Verticals

BeSpokeQA help you become more competitive within your domain because of industry knowledge

  • Healthcare

    Products related to the Healthcare Industry require technology and business expertise, regulatory knowledge, time, and resources. With our experience in the area of testing healthcare application, we can help your company surge ahead on the wave of the healthcare transformation while saving you both time and reducing the development cost.

    With our full range of Healthcare quality assurance services, we can ensure Regulatory compliance, Better security, Seamless communication, Enterprise collaboration, Security and Performance testing, Minimum downtime, Browser compatibility, Portability between devices and High speeds even at peak times. We help you meet Healthcare Industry challenges like increasing regulation, mobility needs increasing complexity, cost reduction requirements and security and privacy needs.

  • ECommerce

    We utilize the capacity of our effective analyzers to distinguish reaction time, asset usage and dependability of various continuous applications by performing testing of different kinds.

    We offer unparalleled and modified answers for your eCommerce applications and sites. Using the ability, innovativeness, demonstrable skill and proficiency of our handy group, we convey a wide scope of eCommerce testing administrations both for web and versatile stages. Our analyzers strategize the test execution utilizing subjective instruments and perform programming testing by differentiating test situations and structures. Get the best of streamlined administrations and programming for web and other platforms.

  • Start-Ups

    We work with new businesses to help them start. This includes quality programming, enlistment administrations, programming testing preparing and situations for applicants who have finished the preparation with us.

    There are numerous product testing associations out there, yet we are unique, we offer a scope of administrations to ensure you convey quality programming to get a good start. We comprehend the matter of the customers who are fundamentally a new business and provide them driven and quality programming testing administrations and answers for assistance to help them gain an aggressive edge. We give start-ups a quick, dependable and vital resourcing with the abilities you would need with ensured quality and dependability.

  • Mobile Industry

    We make the mobile apps robust & bug-free. For us to know whether an application is prepared for the market, it should be thoroughly tried which is the reason we likewise help you do portable application testing.

    We will verify whether your applications can bear high loads, filling in true to form each time but simple to use for your client base. Our thorough tests ensure that the application passes our thorough specs on these, we guarantee that your application is prepared for the commercial centre. Our team will experience the app hands-on with the main portable testing to assure all QA standards.


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