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The main aim of Agile Methodology is to get deliverable ready after every sprint which could range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. For this, the complete project team works together to make sure everything that is being worked on is according to requirements at all times. Delivering a working system after every sprint also enables feedback that much more quickly.

Thus, the agile methodology enables the project team to ascertain that the product is being developed according to client’s requirements after every sprint and leads to a swift resolution of any deviations.

For proper feedback, the clients should be able to correctly review the deliverables and hence, it is essential that they don’t get caught up in minor or major bugs. Such bugs could lead the clients to not trust the quality of development and could hinder their ability to review the application correctly to provide thorough feedback. This is where the testers come in handy.

The advantages of involving testing in agile software development methodology from the start are:
The testers ensure every deliverable meets a certain quality standard.
Clients trust the team for delivering a quality deliverable every single time
Involvement of testers from the start means no confusion regarding the functionality in the end.
No need to wait for big surprises in the form of major bugs until the end of the development cycle.
Early involvement of Testing in software development means a well-reviewed and tested product overall.
A small bug caught early in the software development cycle saves a huge dent in the pocket at the end of the cycle.