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If the latest trends are any indication, the world is moving towards more and more of automation which means reducing manual work to the minimum and essential tasks and trying to automate whatever is possible and makes sense. Another important trend is to make the technology more and more common and more reachable.

Testing world is no exception and should not be. Organisations are trying to automate most of their testing tasks and want to reduce the time taken to release to the market to a bare minimum. Also, IoT(Internet of Things) is a major trend and introducing such products to the market after thorough testing is what will make these products successful.

Accordingly Hyper automation, DevTestOps and IoT Testing are the latest emerging trends related to testing.

Hyper automation as the name suggests means automation of most of the testing processes and maintaining a highly efficient process to release a product to the market. This means that quality should be given the utmost importance and focus at all times before the product can be released to the market.

DevTestOps, on similar lines, is integration of Testing to the DevOps process and aims at merging continuous testing and DevOps for better testing feedback along with timely releases to the market.

IoT, on the other hand, is the Internet of Things where multiple types of devices could be connected to the internet without human intervention. Testing of such devices and keeping up with the emerging technologies is also a challenge that BespokeQA is all ready to handle with ease.


At BespokeQA, it has always been our endeavour to provide our customers the best services and enable them to be the best. To keep up with the changing landscape, BespokeQA diligently selects its team that can understand the client’s needs and suggest them the most efficient solutions keeping up with the latest technologies and trends.

We at BespokeQA assure you that our team will understand your current processes and your testing needs and will provide you with a solution that best suits you. Latest Trends are good to talk about but that does not mean they can be useful in all scenarios. The ROI is the main factor that decides what to use and that is what we aim to consider at all times.