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Accessibility Testing

Let’s make your product easy to use and accessible for all.

Get your application tested for accessibility at BespokeQA and never ever worry about meeting the WCAG 2.1 guidelines again. We will test your product thoroughly for impairments to sight, hearing, movement, memory or thinking and will be testing against most common assistive technologies.

Accessibility Testing services:

BespokeQA has a team of testers well trained in testing against WCAG2.1 standards and meeting the level AA at the least:

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Test from the start or at the end

It is advisable to make sure accessibility requirements are met since the start but we provide services for such certification at the end as well

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Usability Testing

We focus on all aspects of the application where accessibility could be an issue

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Testing with Assistive technologies

Testing is done with most common assistive technologies like screen readers and magnifiers

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Testing for good descriptions

Testing descriptions for all user components for easy to understand language and display

Accessibility Testing Coverage

Our Quality Assurance team aims to cover below areas under Accessibility Testing:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Link and button descriptions
  • Audio and Video transcripts
  • Captions for Video
  • With Zoom or Magnifier
  • Responsive design
  • Colour Contrast where applicable

Why choose BespokeQA over others?

Accessibility is not only for the disabled but also helps to improve the general usability of the product. Below are some services that make us unique:

Customizable Testing

We offer to test according to your needs and specifications

WCAG 2.1 trained staff

BespokeQA staff is specially trained for testing against WCAG2.1 so that your product does not compromise on meeting any accessibility standards

AA level for WCAG 2.1

We also offer to just make sure that AA level for WCAG2.1 is met for your product

Testing Inside-Out

We not only test your UI but also go through the source code manually to ensure that all we catch all accessibility issues


Amit's work is always exceptional. He his highly ethical and always goes above and beyond. I count myself very lucky to have found such a strong contributor to my projects. A+++++


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